Why do I use coconut and soy wax?

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Why do I use coconut and soy wax?

I make candles for 2 years now and I can tell you that I have tried several types of wax and brands.

After several tests, my choice fell on the wax made from a coconut and soy mixture. I literally fell in love with this wax and here's why:

  1. Made from soy and coconut
  2. Clean, uniform and slow combustion
  3. Biodegradable
  4. natural
  5. Safe for skin: clinically tested and reviewed by dermatologists
  6. Vegan
  7. Nontoxic
  8. Its color is a superb white

Having been in the aesthetics field for twenty years, the quality of my products is very important. I always look for the best in terms of texture, smells and especially the ingredients and its components.

Working with this coconut and soy wax, which is my main element, allows me to have a product silky and quality and safe for health.

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