Corporate & Fundraising Campaign

Want to offer a personalized gift to your employees, guests or customers for an event?

Do you want a personalized product for your business with your logo?

Do you want one of our products with the logo for a fundraising campaign?

We offer a complete product customization service tailored to the needs of your business or event. You can personalize most of the products we make such as candles and lip balm.

Here are some examples below.

Some of our projects

Développement vaudreuil soulanges

Développement Vaudreuil-Soulanges a pour mission de favoriser l’effervescence et la croissance économique régionale par son accompagnement et ses financements alternatifs à valeur ajoutée et par l’initiation de grands projets communs, dans le but d’être un générateur de valeurs régionales et de prospérité durable.

skins space montreal

Medical-aesthetic clinic

Personalization - Candles

the chip factory

Stationery company created by Nadine Blanchette

Personalizing a candle for your business

under the olive trees



under the olive trees


Lip balm

Louis-André Charland

Real estate broker

Personalization- Customer gift

Les Seigneuriales Vaudreuil Dorion


Personalization - Gift for volunteer

The Golden Forge


Candle with jewel

Aesthetics at Manon

beauty Institute

Personalization -Lip balm



guest gift



8 oz candles

For customization or collaboration, please indicate the details in the form.

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Our wax is from vegetable sources. Our fragrances are phthalate-free,
parabens and are not tested on animals.


Our wax is biodegradable and natural. Our cotton wicks are in
vegetable fibers and are biodegradable. The wood wicks are certified


All products are handmade in our workshop. The candles
are poured by hand.