Why do I have to cut the wick of my candle before each use?

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Why do I have to cut the wick of my candle before each use?

Did you know that wood wicks are used differently than regular cotton wicks? Here are some tips to maximize the use and durability of your candle. By applying these tips, your wick will be able to burn better and be consumed completely. I will also add that you should also do this procedure with your cotton wick to maximize its lifespan.

The wood wick must be kept short at all times. This may seem unusual, but this aspect is very important.

Before relighting your wood wick, make sure you have removed the blackened wood. The latter is composed of the ashes of the wick. However, the candle will not be able to relight without removing this small part. Use the bevelled chisel from Joséphine Co. to cut the wick or a handkerchief then pinch the blackened end.

You may have to light the wick several times before the wood ignites. It's a bit like a campfire! You have to give the wood time to catch fire. I advise you to tilt the candle slightly and light it with the lighter, holding the flame on the wood wick for a few seconds.

Beveled chisel for candle wick

Very important : The candle should not be close to a fan or a draft. The air will blow on the wick and cause it to go out.

To extinguish your candle safely, use the Joséphine Co. candle snuffer to avoid splattering wax everywhere or burning your skin. In addition, by using the candle snuffer, you reduce the smoke in the air of your room.

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