Our collaboration with Josée Nadeau, owner, Sous les Oliviers

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Our collaboration with Josée Nadeau, owner, Sous les Oliviers

One aspect of my business Joséphine Co that is a little less known is the many opportunities for collaboration with various companies.

Have you ever thought about creating candles that match your business with your logo?

As an entrepreneur, I love discovering the creators behind them.

An entrepreneur that I particularly like, who is a lady passionate about her field, is Josée Nadeau from Sous les Oliviers.

under the olive trees

Who is Josée Nadeau?

She is also an expert and sommelier in olive oil! Holder of a diploma from the International Olive Oil Academy of Pienza in Italy, educator, lecturer, importer, she has completed several diplomas, including a certificate in this particular discipline.

Also trained in sensory aptitude, she is proudly part of the International Register of Olive Oil Experts . She therefore had the chance to taste, analyze and rate some of the best olive oils in the world. This is why the vinegars and oils that you will find at Sous les Oliviers are meticulously chosen according to their ability to enrich your dishes with divine aromas and flavors.

Eight years ago, she opened her first boutique in Pincourt. Today, she owns three: Vaudreuil-Dorin, St-Bruno and St-Sauveur.

Candle and Olive oil; A winning duo!

You will discover a taste and sensory experience with more than 40 varieties of olive oil, balsamic and vinegar.

Josée wanted to go beyond the kitchen and contacted me a year ago.

Together, we have created a range of candles with scents reminiscent of its different oils and balsamics such as olive oil, lemon, pear, basil, fig, etc.

It is a collection of more than 8 fragrances in 2, 9 and 13 oz format with these fragrances:

  1. Prosecco & Raspberry
  2. Pear & Basil
  3. Citrus & Sage,
  4. Honey, Fig & Ginger
  5. candy cane
  6. Eucalyptus & Mint
  7. Olive, Basil & Lemon and
  8. Lime Zest

Candle collection

You will also discover lip balms with 6 different flavors;

  1. file

  2. Strawberry

  3. Coconut

  4. Mint

  5. Lemonade

  6. Vanilla

Lip balm collection Under the Olive Trees.

To discover the collection, visit the stores:
Do you also want to collaborate with us and have your collection of candles or lip balms?
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